Knit Picks' Podcast
A podcast about all things fiber. Shows include features on knitting, crochet, spinning, and weaving. Members of the staff of Knitpicks are interviewed about various topics, as well as the general public. Tune in to hear about creative people working in all areas of the fiber community!

Kelley chats with Kate, Angela and Kerin about their favorite books and patterns for holiday gift knitting.

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Alison and Kerin chat about the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival along with other yarn-related gatherings.

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Kelley chats with designer Nina about a free online design-your-own-sweater class.  Kelley also reviews some books with excellent sweater projects.

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Kelley chats with designers Nina and Kerin about their inspiration and development process for new fall kit patterns.

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Kelley and Alison talk about new colors of wool and alpaca yarn, the new cashmere blend yarn Capra, and spinning supplies.

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Kelley gives a lesson on selecting colors for knitting projects, then talks with Knit Picks designer Kerin about color.

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Kelley chats with designer Anna Hrachovec, author of Knitting Mochimochi.

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Kelley chats with Kristin Omdahl, author of Crochet So Fine, Wrapped in Crochet, and The Art of Knitted Lace.

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Kelley chats with designers Kerin and Nina about working jointly on knitting patterns.
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Kelley talks about when you're just not feeling right about a project and switching to a new pattern.
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