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In cold weather, I’m quite comfortable knitting warm garments. But, before I know it, spring arrives and I have absolutely nothing hand knit to wear in the warm weather. What a disappointment! There are many reasons to knit summer tops and sweaters but you need to get started during the dreary days of winter. To help you make your yarn decisions, I thought it would be a good idea to review the qualities of summer fibers like cotton and linen.

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Designers are individuals. We love their unique projects but sometimes their unique way of communicating can make us crazy! The thing is, patterns are just like novels. An artist throwing their view of the world out there counting on the kindness of strangers. You, the reader, or knitter, have the responsibility to participate in process. You interpret the writing in order to enjoy the story. As you work through a pattern it may be easy to understand, confusing or frustrating. It all depends on the style of the written instructions and how well you are able to interpret them
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Every artist has a set of favorite tools that are a magical blend of usefulness and empowerment. As long as you have your bag with you, you can fix any knitting problem. Over the years I have defined my own collection of tools that I consider to be absolutely essential. I always keep them within reach when I am knitting. Since every knitter has their own style, her own requirements will be little different from mine. But, I will share my must-have list with you in case my collection inspires you to add a few things to your own tool kit.

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January’s project from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s book the Knitter’s Almanac is an Aran sweater. So, that is how I am beginning my year! As I worked out the design for my cardigan, I realized cabling would be a nice topic for the beginning of our knitting year together. It does feel nice to shake away the lethargy of Christmas vacation with a challenge.
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