Knit Picks' Podcast
A podcast about all things fiber. Shows include features on knitting, crochet, spinning, and weaving. Members of the staff of Knitpicks are interviewed about various topics, as well as the general public. Tune in to hear about creative people working in all areas of the fiber community!
Kelley chats with Franklin Habit, author of the popular "The Panopticon" blog and author of "It Itches," a compilation of knitting cartoons and essays.
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Kelley talks with the talented knitwear designer & blogger Stefanie Japel about her books "Fitted Knits" and the brand new "Glam Knits."
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Kelley and Tina talk about their favorite knitting tools and offer extra tips and tricks for using them.
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Kelley chats with designer Donna Druchunas about her books "Ethnic Knitting Discovery" and "Ethnic Knitting Exploration."
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Kelley and our in-house designer Kerin Dimeler talk about ethnic colorwork and knitting styles, from Fair Isle to Lithuania.
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