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Apr 18, 2019

Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast, Episode 298: Earth Day, Every Day

After such a long, wet winter here in the Pacific Northwest,
everyone at Knit Picks has been looking forward to the noticeably greener (and hopefully dryer) spring season.
The trees have started to leaf out, the daffodils have bloomed their little hearts out and my knitting queue has taken a turn toward lightweight cotton garments and cheerful spring colors.

My favorite spring landmark is EARTH DAY!
Every year we take a moment to celebrate the eco section of our offerings. Alexis and I sit down to chat about our Oekitex and GOT certified yarns.

These Cotton, Wool and Alpaca yarns are held to the highest standards and deserve a special place in our line up and our stashes.

Next, Stacey joins me to share our tips and tricks about caring for your most cherished handmades. Spoiler! We dig into the most loved (and most battered) projects—socks.


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