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Nov 13, 2020

Today, we're dedicating an entire episode to the subject of sock knitting! Whether you're a seasoned pro and socks are your very favorite thing, or a new knitter contemplating casting on for your very first pair, this episode is for you! 

Lee and Hannah spend time talking about all of the sock yarns they've developed over the years. Colorful, hardwearing and in a range of lovely fibers, sock yarn is one of our very favorite things to develop behind the scenes. Listen along as they compare and contrast soft Stroll lines with Hawthorne's rugged and complex colorways. You might even discover a new-to-you skein to try!

Stacey invites Rosalyn Keys (you may know her as Rozknitz on Instagram) on to the podcast to talk about her PASSION for sock knitting. We met Roz at a knitting trade show years ago and love seeing what she comes up with next. She's one of our favorite super fans and is always the first to snag a skein of new sock yarn to use on her sock knitting machine. Don't know what that is? Stay tuned to find out! Also, Roz was part of the design team that developed the last round of striped Felici colors too!

As always, happy knitting!

Mentioned in This Episode:
Gloss Fingering
Bare Eco Superwash Alpaca
Lee's socks in two colorways of Felici held together 
Lee's socks in Felici & Stroll held together 
Lee's sweater in Stroll held triple 
Helpful tutorial for triple-stranding from one yarn ball 
Sweater Lee knit in Hawthorne held together with Aloft 
Sweater Lee knit in Hawthorne speckle held double 
Hat Lee knit in Felici held double and striped between two colorways 
Cowl Lee knit with Hawthorne held triple striped with Capretta held triple 
Sock Yarn Celebration
Sock Knitting Machine
Roz on Ravelry
Roz on Instagram

0:00 Welcome with Hannah
1:32 Hannah and Lee talk sock yarn
23:30 Stacey talks to Roz
36:07 Credits