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Sep 20, 2018

Each year there's always a certain day when you notice it: the sunshine is softer, the breeze is fresher, the evening comes sooner, and you realize: Fall is coming. For many, this signals the end of Summer, triggering a burst of frenetic activity to squeeze as much as possible into the last sunny days. For knitters, this means activity of a different sort: getting ready for knitting season.

First, Daniel talks with Hannah about our own start of the season rituals, with some suggestions for how to get the most out of yours. (Starting at 1:11)

After that, Alexis joins Daniel to explore our newest yarn offering to start your Fall out right: that coveted caprine creation, Capretta Superwash. (Starting at 20:53)


Find helpful images and links to everything mentioned in this episode at Stash: The Knit Picks Blog.