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Oct 18, 2023

It’s the perfect time of year for quick knits, and we were so delighted to feature several patterns from George of 10 Hours or Less in our latest stash-buster pattern collection, Déjà Yarn. You can probably guess what kind of patterns George specializes in (ones that take less than 10 hours to make), but you’ll be amazed to hear about his long career in the knitting industry that predates digital patterns. George also shares a glimpse inside his design process as he explains how he created his Art Deco Artisan Headband and Rolling Ribbing Hat for Déjà Yarn.
Plus, Lee, Stacey, and Andi chat about their current projects, the Axiom KAL, and knitting while watching movies or reading. 
00:02 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast.
00:46 Lee and Stacey share what they’ve been up to.
06:50 Andi joins Stacey to chat about Axiom.
13:20 Stacey and Lee talk more in depth about Déjà Yarn.
20:05 Lee and Stacey and joined by George from 10 Hours or Less who shares his background.
30:47 George shares his process for his two patterns in Déjà Yarn.
42:27 Stacey and George give some hints about a future 12 Weeks of Gifting pattern!
43:17 George is a big part of the Indie Design Gift Along and provides more information about how to participate.
53:55 George shares where else to find him and his 10 Hours of Less patterns. 
55:13 Credits
Swish Pops yarn

Lee's Swish Pops cardigan project (ravelry link)

Hawthorne DK

Lee's Movie Theatre Sweater (ravelry link)

Axiom Sweater pattern

Axiom knit-along

Axiom progress so far

How to Convert a Seamed Sweater to Seamless

Knitting & Reading At The Same Time blogpost

Deja Yarn: Single Color Stashbusters

Prerogative Cowl

Holil Yeoh patterns:

Wonderfluff Ombre

Urwen Cowl

Claire Slade patterns

Heatherly Worsted

High Desert Worsted

Weekend Lounging Socks

Art Deco Artisan Headband

Rolling Ribbing Hat

Swish Worsted

Swish DK

12 Weeks of Gifting 2023 patterns

Indie Design Gift-A-Long (Ravelry link)

10 Hours or Less user profile (Ravelry link)

10 hours or Less patterns on Ravelry (ravelry link)

10 Hours or Less patterns on Lovecrafts

10 Hours or Less on Instagram