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Oct 30, 2020

Every day, the Knit Picks team comes together to dig deep into our craft and celebrate our favorite materials. From yarn to needles, we choose everything with care and work to bring our very favorite things right to your door. Today, we're taking a new look at yarn from some different angles.

Join Lee and Hannah as they talk about their experience making their own yarn. Whether you're interested in spinning skeins from fleece or making your yarn from recycled materials like t-shirts, they touch on a variety of techniques and share some of their hard earned tips and tricks for getting fantastic results. 

Next up, you'll also hear some new voices. Courtney and Kate join Hannah from Kelbourne Woolen's to share some of their favorite things about running a yarn business. You can find their lovely, classic wool Germantown yarn on the Knit Picks website and today you'll get a little behind the scenes interview with these fantastic crafters. Make sure to stay tuned to get a sneak peek at what Kelbourne has coming up in 2021 too!


0:00 Introduction with Hannah
1:10 Hannah and Lee talk about making yarn
16:58 Want to learn to knit socks?
17:59 Hannah talks to Kate and Courtney from Kelbourne Woolens
39:59 Credits