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Jun 28, 2019

Today is a celebration of everything that makes Knit Picks unique.
One of our core missions is to surprise and delight our super fans with new tools, yarn, and patterns. We're always working on
new biz for you and rarely take a moment to think back and appreciate all that has come before.

In this episode, Hillary and Hannah share our favorite Knit Picks exclusive tools. Listen in as we chat about our tried and true ball winders as well as our new Needle binders, a labor of love over a year in the making. The best part? You can shop our sale on all Knit Picks exclusive tools on the site right now! Until July 1st, save 25% on your favorite tools or try something new!

Next, our Sock Lab dye experiment program is a year old! Every month we release a new dye effect on one of our popular sock yarn bases. An ongoing dye experiment and celebration of sock yarn, we've been delighted by the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response each month. Alexis and I describe some of our (and your!) favorites from the past year. Stay tuned for more colors through the rest of 2019...

Lastly, Reflections is our indigo dye inspired cotton linen yarn! Perfect for summer tops and accessories.

As always, happy crafting!