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Jun 13, 2019

Today marks an exciting milestone, its our 300th episode! Over the years we've covered just about every topic under the crafty sun.
We've done deep dives into obscure techniques, gone full nerd over micron counts and also gone behind the scenes and shared the
development process of some of our most popular yarns. Everyone here at Knit Picks loves to take a few minutes every month to sit down in the studio and talk about the parts of this craft that we each love most. Today, you'll hear from all of us!

In this episode, we'll take a moment to talk about our newest pattern collections! Pawtastic, our new dog themed pattern collection and Outrageous Insteps, a long awaited celebration of all the bright handpainted sock yarns out there.

Lastly, everyone here at Knit Picks takes a moment to say hello! We share some of our favorite things about knitting, what's currently on our collective needles and also take a moment to appreciate being part of the KP team.

300 episodes is a huge landmark and we couldn't have done it without our dedicated listeners. A big thank you to everyone who has tuned in over the years and a warm welcome to anyone who is just now discovering our podcast.

As always, happy crafting!