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Aug 30, 2012

Always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to use technology  to organize her fiber life, Kelley shares her enthusiasm for a handful of knitting apps! Kelley reviews three apps for android users that help you stay on track throughout your knitting project and keep you connected to your Ravelry account - no matter where you might find yourself knitting! Kelley first reviews Ravulous, a handy app that links to your Ravelry account so you can manage your stash, search through patterns, and update your projects. Next, Kelley talks about the Ravelry Photo Uploader app that lets you snap a photo of your WIP and upload it to your Ravelry project page directly from your phone! That way you can be sure to keep your projects organized and up to date, no matter if you are at your local knit night or on the road. Both of the Ravelry apps were created by Polly McEldowney, who also created the third app that Kelley goes over - County Plus, which turns your phone into a digital row counter by simply tapping the screen at the end of a row. This app even allows you to keep track of multiple row counters, because come on - what knitter really only has one project going? Speaking of keeping track of rows, Kelley moves on to review Aran Knits by Martin Storey, which features stunning patterns that show off a range of cable styles. Finally, Kelley catches you up on her recent trip to the east coast. Hear all about which of her travel projects kept her needles busy and what projects Kelley wished she had brought along throughout her travels.