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Nov 8, 2023

Our biggest sale of the year is here! To kick things off, Alexis, the Knit Picks Brand Director, joins Lee and Stacey to talk about the history of The Big Sale, daily deals, and shopping tips. We regularly have new yarns come out at the same time of the sale, and Alexis shares some of the development stories behind them, including our new self-striping sock yarn, Felicini.
Plus, Lee and Stacey chat about their personal projects, and Andi joins in to discuss the Axiom KAL. Andi also reveals that she has new patterns out using some of our new yarns, and she discusses knitting with the new yarn with Lee and Stacey. 
00:01 Welcome to the Knit Picks podcast!
00:18 Lee and Stacey share what they’ve been up to.
06:49 Andi joins Lee and Stacey to chat about the Axiom KAL
08:04 Big Sale is here, and with it comes new yarns! First discussed is Andi’s dream yarn, Bubbly Bouclé
14:13 Another new yarn is Felicini, a new take on our popular self-striping sock yarn.
18:35 Last but not least, we have new colors of Swish Pops!
19:48 Our Brand Director Alexis joins Lee and Stacey to discuss the Big Sale. 
24:45 Alexis gives a behind the scenes peek at the development of Felicini, Bubbly Bouclé, and the new Swish Pops colors.
30:53 Every year, Big Sale includes fun daily deals, and Alexis shares some of what’s coming up and where daily deals like $2/4/6 came from.
35:04 Stacey asks the tough question: how do we decide what goes on sale?
38:40 Credits

Lee's current in-progress knitting projects

Lee's Swish Pops cardigan (ravelry link)

Lee's Andean Treasure cardigan (ravelry link)

Lee's Chroma pullover (ravelry link)

Ice Fire Wrap pattern

Axiom Sweater pattern

Axiom Knit-along blog posts

Home Page for Big Sale

Bubbly Boucle yarn

Bare Boucle yarn

Darla Cardigan pattern

Felicini yarn

Joyce Cardigan pattern

Spumoni Hat pattern

Swish Pops yarn

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