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Oct 19, 2022

Christmas isn’t the only holiday for handknits! Producer Andi joins hosts Lee and Stacey to talk about her annual Halloween sweaters and horror-movie inspired projects. The trio also discuss other Halloween knits, like costume pieces and toys.
Later, Lee and Stacey share the creative process behind our latest pattern collection Scrappy Knits: Projects for Partial Skeins. They also talk about this year’s 12 Weeks of Gifting, featuring free patterns!
Eldfell Pullover pattern 
Eldfell Office KAL Instagram story highlight 
Reilly Pullover pattern 
Lee's patchwork apron 
Connecting Threads 
Andi's Spooky Halloween sweater pattern collection 
Andi's Arachne (spiderweb sweater) pattern 
Andi's Ichabod (Pumpkin sweater) pattern 
Lee's Mary Tyler Moore costume 
Lee's Waldo group costume 
Lee's Jonathan (goat cables) pattern 
 A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors 
13 Fanboy movie 
Lee's cinematographer brother 
Pamela Voorhees's sweater from Friday the 13th 
Boo bat pattern 
Arachnophobia Dishcloth pattern 
Lee's bloodshot eye hat (ravelry link) 
Lee's Clockwork Orange hat (ravelry link) 
Lee's Mario costume (with crochet tail) 
Knit Picks IDP showcase (Halloween in October) 
Scrappy Knits pattern collection 
Pick'n'Mix Scrunchies pattern 
Stroll Mini Packs 
Plaid Cowl pattern 
Zignificant Cowl pattern 
Half & Half Cowl pattern 
Off-Kilter Hat pattern 
Hey Presto Hat pattern 
12 Weeks of Gifting patterns 12 Weeks of Gifting 
00:05 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast!
00:37 What Stacey and Lee have been up to, including the Knit Picks office Eldfell KAL
05:13 Talking about Halloween knitting with Podcast Producer Andi
06:43 Andi’s first Halloween sweaters were part of a pattern collection she designed called Spooky
07:44 Lee talks about knitting costume pieces for Halloween
09:35 Knits that give a nod to horror movies and recreating iconic horror movie sweaters, like Freddy Kreuger’s from Nightmare on Elm Street
15:55 Stacey’s Boo the Bat projects are her favorite Halloween knits
16:36 Andi’s 2022 Halloween sweater plans
18:08 Lee’s Arachnophobia dishcloth ties in with Andi’s Arachne sweater
18:53 Halloween knits as newer knitters
23:40 The IDP showcase is full of Halloween knits!
25:30 Discussing the latest pattern collection, Scrappy Knits
28:57 Choosing colors and yarns with stashbusting and playful fun in mind
30:00 Stacey and Lee talk about some of their favorite patterns from the collection
36:02 12 Weeks of Gifting is happening!
38:37 Credits