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Oct 5, 2022

For our 20th Anniversary, we revisited some of our 20 most popular patterns, and Abbye Meiklejohn helped rewrite and add sizes to a selection of our older garment patterns. She joins hosts Lee and Stacey to tell them about her process for rewriting existing patterns and expanding their size range while maintaining the original look and feel. Abbye also shares how she likes to approach grading patterns for a larger size and the difference between extending pattern sizes and the individual knitter customizing their sweater. 
Our hosts also reveal some fears around steeking and pattern photoshoot sample disasters, and Abbye shares a few stories of her own, including singeing a pattern sample while steaming!
Game Day Cardigan pattern 
Clapotis pattern
Journey Tweed yarn 
Colorwork knitting 
Eldfell Pullover pattern 
20th Anniversary Patterns 
Wonderfluff yarn 
Encircled ebook 
Andi's Scandinavian magazine cover inspiration 
Swish Bulky yarn 
Abbye Meiklejohn 
Wool and Pine 
Chromatic Pullover 
Gallatin Coat 
Calluna Cardigan 
Mazama Vest 
Astera Cardigan
Classic Lines Cardigan 
Chroma yarns 
Wild Wind pattern 
Lee's cut & graft adventure 
Lopes pattern 
Grafting with Kitchener Stitch 
Three Season Cardigan pattern 
Wool and Pine on Instagram 
00:03 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast
00:21 Lee and Stacey have their knitting motivation back!
04:50 We’re having an office KAL with everyone knitting Eldfell
13:00 We revisited older patterns for the anniversary 
15:42 Abbye Meiklejohn tells the podcast about the anniversary pattern she worked on.
18:02 Abbye made the biggest changes on Chromatic and shares why.
20:25 Abbye’s experience reworking other designers’ patterns.
25:02 Adding sizes and Abbye’s advice for designers who are extending their size range.
27:57 Changing ease trends and individual ease preferences. 
30:30 Abbye’s favorite patterns to work on from our anniversary patterns
31:35 Our hosts reveal their steeking fears and other confessions
38:19 What Abbye is working on next and where to find her work with Wool and Pine.
41:23 Credits