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Sep 7, 2022

Here at the Knit Picks Podcast, we’re often excited to share new patterns with you all, but this week we’re talking about revisiting old patterns that we love to knit over and over again. Stacey throws it back with her most recent Clapotis that’s fresh on her needles, and Lee and Andi discuss using Lee’s self-published eBooks over and over again to create something new each time. Our hosts also chat about how using a new yarn can refresh an older pattern to make it feel modern again. 
Plus, the time has come to wrap up our Game Day Knit Along. The hosts discuss finishing (or not finishing) their projects, and everyone is still contemplating adding pockets to their cardigans. If you knit along with us, we’d love to hear from you about if you enjoyed participating and what you might like to see for future KALs!
Knitting with The Sims! blog post 
Box Office Game 
Cooling Scarves 
Game Day Cardigan KAL 
Clapotis pattern 
Winter Weekend Socks pattern 
Lee's socks in doubled Hawthorne Multi (ravelry link) 
Hawthorne Multi yarn 
Lee's socks in doubled Felici (ravelry link) 
Felici yarn 
Journey Tweed yarn 
Roguery Cowl pattern
Sockhead Hat pattern 
Scant hat pattern 
Lee's Felici-striped Scant (ravelry link) 
Go Your Own Way Socks pattern
Sweater made from Adventure Knitting 2 (ravelry link) 
Lee's ebooks (including Adventure Knitting & Game Knitting) 
Game Day Cardigan 
3-Needle Bind Off 
Picking up stitches video
00:04 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast!
00:24 Summer refuses to end, so our hosts have been looking for other entertainment like knitting in the Sims!
08:50 What has Stacey been knitting lately? Clapotis!
10:06 Lee’s thoughts on knitting favorite pattern patterns over and over
11:25 Using yarn substitutions to transform old favorite patterns into something fresh
13:48 The endless reuse potential of any-gauge and recipe-style patterns
15:31 Revisiting improvised knits as a gateway to writing patterns
19:07 Lee’s Adventure Knitting and Game Knitting and their reknit potential
22:45 Wrapping up our Game Day Cardigan KAL
25:56 Lee’s cardigan isn’t quite done, and she has some tips for knitters still working on their own
26:58 How to make picking up stitches evenly easier 
30:48 Still thinking about adding pockets
33:39 Where to see finished Game Day cardigans!
35:00 Credits