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Aug 17, 2022

Changes have been happening at Knit Picks this summer, and we’re excited to reintroduce Alexis Wilson-Castaldi, who is now the Knit Picks Brand Director! You may remember her from when she previously was on the podcast while working in various positions, including in photography and purchasing. She shares a few of her favorite patterns to knit, as well as her favorite yarns. Alexis also tells us about bringing back features like our Yarn of the Month promotions and pulling some yarns marked as discontinued back into the regular selection!
Lee, Stacey, and Andi also discuss knitting their Game Day Cardigans with the KAL coming to its end. The extra warm summer in the Pacific Northwest has added an extra challenge to getting the projects done on schedule, but they’re still knitting away on them!
Game Day Cardigan KAL
Generations book 
Generations ebook 
Interchangeable Needle Sets 
Stitch Holders 
Hue Shift Afghan pattern 
Stitch Markers 
Short Row Shaping 
Magic Loop method 
Meet Alexis! (in 2016!) 
Superior Threads 
15th Street Wrap 
Wool of the Andes yarns 
Wonderfluff yarn 
Hawthorne yarns 
Simply Alpaca yarn 
Muse yarns 
Alpaca Cloud yarns 
Andean Treasure alpaca yarn 
Seed Stitch Cowl and Hood pattern
Animation of Alexis covered in seed stitch cowls 
Static yarn 
Provincial Tweed yarn 
Twill Fingering yarn 
Complete Yarn Guide 2022 
Stroll yarns 
Swish yarns 
00:07 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast!
00:29 Knitting Game Day during summer heat
07:23 More tips for knitting stitch pattern panels
13:40 German short rows or substituting another method
15:04 Sleeve and button band order
18:48 Alexis joins the podcasters to talk about her new role as Brand Director
23:05 Alexis’s favorite yarns and patterns
29:32 Changes Alexis has planned for Knit Picks, including reviving some yarns previously marked discontinued and adding new colors to classic yarns
37:12 Everyone gets a little emotional about having Alexis back
38:04 Credits