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Jul 20, 2022

In this episode, Lee, Stacey, and Andi discuss getting through the long stockinette section of their Game Day Cardigans for the summer KAL. They also compare their preferred methods for marking up patterns and keeping track of progress when working through pattern repeats.
Lee and Stacey share some behind the scenes work that went into creating Haven: Knit Lace Patterns, and later on, Stacey interviews Claire Slade, the designer of the Sea Sprite Vest from Haven about her design process and favorite projects to knit. And we couldn’t chat with Claire Slade without discussing Professor Meow and her love for cats!
Game Day Cardigan KAL
Locking Stitch Markers 
Row Counters 
Haven ebook
Haven print book
Sea Sprite Vest pattern
Claire Slade's designs 
Professor Meow Pullover pattern
Mini Meow pattern
Wonderfluff yarn
Crystallize Shawl pattern
Ottilie Shawl: Light pattern
Ottilie Shawl: Heavy pattern
Blossom & Bloom Shawl pattern 
Acastus Sweater pattern 
Chart Keeper 
Aloft Super Kid Mohair yarn
Alpaca Cloud Fingering yarn
Curiosity pattern (in Wonderfluff; ravelry link) 
Kids Cascading Kittens pattern (ravelry link) 
00:04 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast
00:20 What our hosts have been doing since our last episode.
01:11 Game Day KAL chat, including staying on track through the long stretch of stockinette and note taking methods.
13:53 Discussing knitting samples for new yarns and upcoming collections.
15:07 Developing Haven: Knit Lace Patterns and photographing the collection.
18:18 Chatting with Claire Slade, designer of Sea Sprite and Professor Meow.
26:34 Claire’s upcoming designs and where to find her online. 
28:45 Credits