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Jun 15, 2022

The Knit Picks team has grown a lot during our long hiatus, and in this episode, we’re excited to introduce you to two new staff members: Alena Ruman, the IDP Program Administrator, and Jen Burt, our Content and Outreach Coordinator.
Lee interviews Alena about her experiences starting at the Knit Picks warehouse in Ohio and then moving to the Pacific Northwest to work as the IDP Program Administrator. Alena is an experienced yarn dyer and shares with Lee some of her tips for dyeing using acid dyes.
Later, Stacey interviews Jen about joining the Knit Picks team as well as her regular participation in Olive Knits Annual 4-Day KAL. Jen talks about her speedy knitting of our sample of this year’s pattern Sailaway in High Desert Worsted and the color selection process for our Sailaway curated color kits. 
Game Day Cardigan Knit Along 
High Desert Yarn 
Tubular Cast On with Waste Yarn 
Long Tail Tubular Cast On (alternative method)
Square-tip Needles 
Hawthorne Yarn 
Natural Dyeing Podcast Episode 
How to Dye Yarn Learning Center Homepage 
Lee's Kool-Aid Dyeing Tutorial 
Yarn Dyes
Bare Yarns 
Independent Designer Patterns 
Bare Stroll 
Bare Wool of the Andes 
Bare Mini Hanks 
We Crochet 
Brava Yarns 
Heatherly Yarn 
Stroll Yarns 
Olive Knits 4 day KAL 
Beekeeper Cardigan 
Foxtrot Cardigan 
Soundtrack Pullover 
Fireworks Pullover 
Sailaway Cardigan KAL Knit Picks Yarn Kits 
Comfy Colormist Yarn 
0:03 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast
1:45 Swatching for the Game Day Cardigan and casting on 
10:19 Summer crafting plans
7:15 Meet Alena, the IDP Program Administrator
20:33 Alena’s dyeing experience
32:40 Meet Jen, the Content and Outreach Coordinator.
35:46 The Olive Knits 6th Annual 4-day KAL
40:40 Choosing colors for the Sailaway color kits
44:58 Sailaway’s construction and Marie Greene’s writing style
48:55 Credits