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Jun 1, 2022

The podcast is back! After a long break, we’re excited to have a regular recording schedule again. In this episode, you’ll hear about Lee and Stacey’s personal projects that they’ve worked on during our long recording break. They’ll also share with you collections, patterns, and new yarns that have been released over the period.
Next, we’re excited to share with you our summer knit along, featuring the Game Day Cardigans by Donna Estin from Generations: Knits for All Ages. The whole podcast team is substituting the suggested yarn for High Desert Worsted, and they share their color choices and swatching methods for yarn substitutions. Plus, hear about what amount of suggested ease they’re thinking of using when choosing a size, although Lee wavered and decided to go up a size after recording.
Lee's Movie Hue Shift (ravelry link)
Hue Shift pattern 
Block Party: Modular Blankets book 
Joinery Blanket pattern 
Barnstaple Vest pattern 
High Desert yarn 
Hawthorne yarn 
Cheer Up Cardigan pattern 
Lee's Andean Treasure cardigan (ravelry link) 
Andean Treasure yarn 
Lee's N for November Sweater project (ravelry link) 
N for November Sweater pattern 
Vertex: Colorblock Projects book 
Aloft yarn 
Lee's first Hawthorne+Aloft sweater (ravelry link) 
Knit Bits: Learn to Knit Twists booklet 
Fluctuation Hat pattern 
Payne Hat pattern 
Thicket: Nature-Inspired Cable Knits book 
Thicket: Nature-Inspired Cable Knits ebook 
Breezy: Carefree Cotton Knits book 
Breezy: Carefree Cotton Knits ebook 
Timeless: High Desert Knits book 
Timeless: High Desert Knits ebook 
Generations: Knits For All Ages book 
Generations: Knits For All Ages ebook 
Game Day Cardigan Knit Along 
Game Day Cardigan pattern 
New podcast producer Andi 
Traditions Afghan pattern 
Guide to Swatching 
Heatherly Yarn 
00:02 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast
00:30 The podcast is back after a long break, and we missed it, too.
01:44 What Lee and Stacey were knitting while on break.
10:40 New patterns, yarns, and collections that were released during the hiatus.
19:00 Join us for a KAL of the Game Day Cardigans.
20:39 Lee, Stacey, and Andi’s High Desert colors for their Game Day Cardigans.
23:57 Considering adding patch pockets to Game Day Cardigans.
25:33 Discussing swatching for yarn substitutions. 
30:21 Deciding what size to knit based on the suggested ease.
35:19 Introducing our newest yarn family, Heatherly Baby Yarn
37:40 Send us your questions or topic requests!
39:23 Credits