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Aug 12, 2021

Today on the Knit Picks Podcast we're talking all about our knitting pasts and futures. From learning to knit to taking that knowledge and teaching someone to knit, the Knit Picks Podcast team offers up their experience.

First up Lee and Stacey invite friends, co-workers and fellow crafters, Heather and Kate to come on the podcast for a discussion of their knitting and crochet origins. Each starts their craft somewhere but what everyone has in common is that someone else helped them get started.

Next Lee and Stacey share tips and tricks for people who want to teach knitting to their friends and family. While Lee has experience teaching knitting classes, Stacey has experience helping people in one-on-one learning sessions. Stacey also shares the old knitting rhyme: “In through the window, run around back, out through the window, off jumps Jack!”


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0:03 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast
0:44 Stacey's yarn crafting origin story
2:12 Lee's yarn crafting origin story
3:58 Heather's yarn crafting origin story
7:04 Kate's yarn crafting origin story
14:25 New Knit Picks Learn to Knit Kits!
15:34 Teaching someone to knit tips and tricks
40:33 The Credits