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Feb 25, 2021

Here are Knit Picks we love all things yarn. We love pattern designs, tools, the craft and really seeing what everyone makes. As a yarn company we also love seeing what other yarn companies and people in the industry are doing.

Today we're sharing an interview from the WeCrochet Podcast that aired last fall, where Heather Mann interviews Emani Outterbridge, an entrepreneur who launched her own yarn line as well as the world’s first yarn vending machines. Emani has been crocheting since she was 12 years old and has navigated through different sides of the craft industry as a crochet designer and now a yarntrepreneur. Emani has even sold apparel to entertainers like Cardi B.

Emani’s yarn line, Needles, offers unique colors in 8 Ply Worsted Weight 100% Acrylic yarn as well as cotton t-shirt yarn. You won’t be able to find these color combinations anywhere else. If you’re in Philadelphia, you can get this unique yarn at one of her bright pink yarn vending machines. Outside of Philly, you can connect with her on Instagram where she says she “always on”.

So settle in and come meet Emani if you don't know her already. And as always, happy knitting.

Mentioned in this Episode:
WeCrochet Podcast Episode 25 - Pom Pom Poms and Pink Machines
Emani on Instagram @Emani.milan
Shop Emani’s Designs and Yarn at
Yarn Vending Machine #1 location - Elements of Grooming - Barber Shop in Philadelphia - Elements of Grooming - Barber Shop in Philadelphia

0:03 Introduction
1:04 Heather Mann Interviews Emani Outterbridge
16:19. Credits