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Jan 28, 2021

One of our favorite things to talk about in the Knit Picks Office is yarn. We all have our favorite yarns and favorite projects to cast on and can easily get derailed when there's a new yarn to squish. There's a lot to consider when selecting the yarn that's right for you - like yarn weight, the material, the construction and what will it be used for. Shopping for yarn is fun but can also be daunting when overwhelmed with all the choices, like the yarn selection on 

Today we're sharing some of a conversion between Hannah and Lee from a past Facebook Live where they talk about all the information to keep in mind when shopping for yarn, specifically what you need to know about fiber content and ply. They answer questions like what is micro count, which yarns have the best drape and even what is yarn?

So settle in and get cozy to unravel some mysteries of yarn. And as always happy knitting.


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0:00 Introduction with Producer Sara
0:53 Hannah and Lee from Knit Picks Facebook Live
1:01 What is Yarn?
2:19 Yarn Fiber
2:50 Animal fibers
3:22 Micron count explained  
6:37 Luxury Yarns
7:50 Plant fibers
9:12 Person-made fibers
10:22 "Is Sport Weight considered a 2?"
11:37 "Would a cotton-blend have a better drape than just plain cotton?" 
13:05 "What yarn would you suggest for a table runners?"
13:40 Ply demystified
17:03 "Do you have a single-ply Merino?"
18:47 Air jet yarns
21:00 Chainette yarns
28:46. Credits!