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Dec 11, 2020

We're winding down our year, finishing off our holiday projects, and taking a short break to gear up for 2021. In this special episode of the Knit Picks Podcast we're taking some time to do our very favorite thing: answering your questions!

Hannah, Stacey, Lee, and later Producer Sarah, come together remotely from our craftrooms, offices, bedrooms or living rooms scattered across Portland, OR to answer your knitting queries. From tips and tricks with colorwork to deciding what to make next, the Knit Picks Podcast team is here to help. We bring our wealth of knowledge and unique perspective to help guide you through whatever is upsetting your knitting.

We had so much fun thinking of solutions or sharing our favorite ways to tackle problems that we'll definitely be doing this again. Stay tuned to hear our answers to questions about all sorts of knitting and fiber conundrums. 

Mentioned in This Episode:
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Ball Winder 
Ball Winder video 
Buy Nothing Project 
Calorimtry Headband 
Norwegian Christmas Crackers 
Top Down Christmas Stockings 
Frost slippers 
Jacquard Acid Dye Starter Set

0:00 Introduction
2:04 Simpleliving246 on Instagram asks I’m having a hard time learning to knit during the pandemic - what are some good resources?
5:35 Khu_sh_bu on Instagram asks I bought your ball winder. I get tangled in the every cake. What am I doing wrong. Yes I am using the arrow. 
10:16 Galswingirl on Instagram asks What to do when you only get one part of the gauge? ie, you match the row gauge but not the stitch gauge. 
13:58 LivingBreathingLaughing on Instagram asks Help! I bought bad yarn and I don’t want to waste it or continue (with it). 
17:28 Hitomebore2004 on Instagram asks I’m the worst at estimating yarn needed for a project - is there help for this?
19:37 Efdev35 on Instagram asks What is the best yarn weight for knitting a sweater? I’m new to sweaters. 
23:00 Niko on Facebook asks I was wondering about how many yards or meters of yarn would one roughly use for a scarf for a male?
25:01 JaneMLockhark on Instagram asks What do I knit next??
27:30 Voicemail from Trina from Pitsburg asking about Types of blocks that start in the middle and you work your way out - how do you scale up?
29:43 Bella_Mattson on Instagram asking How do I knit into a yarn over in the next row?
32:13 Voicemail from Claire from Texas asking Having trouble with stranded colorwork - whenever she does it her projects become puckered in some areas and too loose in others. Looking for tips and tricks for stranded colorwork. 
Xxalirose on Instagram asks How much slack should floats have in a pair of socks?
38:01 Voicemail from Ashley from North Carolina ***She wants to know more about hand dying yarns. First question - do washing instructions change after doing hand dye? Are there items you suggest not using hand-dyed yarns for?
44:36 Producer Sarah’s rapid-fire questions
48:26 Goodbye Hannah
49:26 Credits