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Mar 6, 2020

Knits are meant to be loved and used which means that a knitter's work is never truly done. Whether there are holes to be mended or you want to add some fiber flair to your project, Stacey, Lee, Alison and Hannah share some of their favorite ways to mend and embellish knits. 

First up, wool moths and kiddos mean our stacks of knits have some holes to be patched. Alison and Hannah discuss the different ways they mend well loved knits. Listen in to learn about needle felting, darning eggs and the ongoing debate about visible versus invisible mending.

Next, Stacey and Lee come together to share their favorite ways to add embellishments to finished projects. Adding duplicate stitch or a crochet edging can bring new life to a second hand garment or spice up an otherwise plain piece with bold motifs. Want to add pockets? We talk about that too!

As always, happy knitting!


Mentioned in this Episode:

Sock Darning with Duplicate stitch
Wool Roving
Felting Needle
Darning Needle Set
Darning Egg
Bent Tip Tapestry Needles
Embroidery Hoop
Crochet Hooks
All things Crochet
Pallet Yarn
Pom Pom Maker
Duplicate Stitch project in-progress
Lee's thrifted cardigan with knitted-on elements
Crochet chain into eyelet holes
How to add crochet edging to not-knit fabric, by Cal Patch
Some beautiful embroidery on a sweater (with moth holes) on Pantsville Press
Some embroidery Lee did onto sweater fabric


0:00 Introduction with Hannah
1:03 Hannah and Alison discuss mending
13:07 Lee and Stacy talk embellishing
29:57 credits