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Nov 22, 2019

Whether you're brand new to knitting or an old hand, talking about the foundations of knitting can lead to some profound "ah hah!" moments. Time and again we think we've learned all there is to know about knitting, only to be surprised by some little tip or trick from a fellow crafter that totally changes our process. 

Lee and Erica start the conversation today by sharing their methods for reading both patterns and your knit fabric! Being able to look at your project and correctly "read" your stitches can help prevent errors as well as give you a greater understanding of general knit construction. We even have a little treat for our left-handed listeners

Next, Stacey and Hannah talk about their forays into knitting without looking at their needles! Both frequently knit while chatting or, more recently, while occupying the Knit Picks booth at the recent Quilt Festival Houston trade show. They loved meeting everyone at the show and also realized that they have some good tips and tricks for knitters who want to practice knitting without looking. 

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Introduction with Hannah
1:03 – Tips and Tricks: Reading your knitting
11:08 – Left-handed knitting
18:46 – Shout out to Quilt Festival Houston
20:55 – Tips for knitting without looking
36:40 – Credits

Mentioned in episode:
Row Counter
The Left-Handed Knitter
Lee’s “Asymmetrical Shawl” aka Liy Shawl
Hue Shift Afghan Pattern
Hue Shift Afghan Kit
Emergency Fix Keychain