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A podcast about all things fiber. Shows include features on knitting, crochet, spinning, and weaving. Members of the staff of Knitpicks are interviewed about various topics, as well as the general public. Tune in to hear about creative people working in all areas of the fiber community!

This week, Kelley shares her excitement for finding the perfect summer bag! Finding the ideal summer bag or tote for your knitting can be a hard task and not only depends on how you will be using the bag, but also what kinds of projects you are looking to carry with you. Kelley reviews a variety of her favorite Namaste bags to help make your search a bit easier. Next, Kelley shares her favorite books that are not just wonderful reference books for experienced knittres, but are also perfect for helping new knitters advance their skills. Hear Kelley's detailed reviews on The Fearless Knitting Workshop by Jennifer Seiffert and The Circular Knitting Workshop by Margaret Radcliffe. Finally, Kelley catches you up on what projects are on her needles, what projects might next be on the needles, and reviews a few of her favorite tools and accessories. And of course, Kelley can't help but indulge you in a few audiobook recommendations that she has recently enjoyed!

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